Who is this crazy woman??

Let me take a moment to introduce myself, to those who may not know me!

I am a mother to 5 boys and 1 little lady! They range in ages from 20 yrs old to 8 yrs old (in 2015).

My oldest is serving in the Army, I have twin Seniors (1 boy and 1 girl), and the younger boys are super rambunctious and remind me everyday to be thankful for my Blessings!

I am married to LITERALLY the most AMAZING man in the entire universe!! No really, I would not be who I am, or be able to do what I love without him. He is my Eternity!

I have loved taking pictures since I was a little girl. Stealing my mothers polaroid camera and taking pictures of anything! Of course, I didn't know how to use it,so she really did get pictures of anything, lol, from bike tires to my finger that was in front of the lens- sorry mom ;) My brother and our dogs were always in my path, I made quite the "Amateur Paparrazzi"! Even the dogs couldn't escape my love for the camera! Of course I had to dress them up first ;)

I spent 17 years caring for children and teaching them everything from ABC's to sign language and how to read. I thought Daycare/Preschool was going to carry me through my retirement years, however when I met my husband, and he saw my passion, no... my LOVE, no my ADDICTION to capturing everything on camera, he gifted me with my first "big girl" camera. And then we found out that other people likedmy creative photography as much as I did! YAY, I could now make a huge life changing decision! I now could change my career path from changing diapers to changing lenses!! WOOHOO! I was stoked! Finally, here I was in my mid 30's, changin my career! WAIT!! Im changingmy career in my MID- 30's?!? Oh crap, ummm, I don't know if I want to do this. I mean, Im very comfortable changing diapers and teaching the Star Spangled Banner for 8 hours a day. If I become a photographer, then how will I make money? How much time will I get to spend with my family? Will I succeed??

Well, needless to say, yes, I am making a good living for my family. And I am constantly working on better time schedules to allow myself more "fun" time with the fam. As far as succeeding... Im no where near finished being a photographer, so I will let you know if I succeeded when the time comes ;)

I am on a path right now to discovering myself and my photography over and over again! This is a neverending process, because the knowledge is never-ending, and I LOVE IT!! There are NO limits to what I can do with a camera in 1 hand and my creativity in the other!

Well, thank you! I want to thank each and every one of you that has taken the time to read this little intro to who I am. Through this BLOG you will get to know me more and more and I hope to get to know all of you!

So take a moment to tell me a few of your favorites! In the comments, paste the link to your favorite DIY website, Tell me your favorite place to go on vacation, and how about your favorite childhood memory!

Here are a few of my favorte images of my favorite eople <3

#eip #eternalinspirationphotography

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