Margarita & Martin got hitched!!

When you add "Seven Sycamores" venue with family, friends, beautiful weather and 2 love birds, we are bound to see something amazing! And on May 16th 2015 I witnessed the joining of 2 families, the union of Margarita and Martin, 2 hearts becoming 1 <3 The sincerity and humbleness of these 2 as they joined hands to say "I Do", was most genuine and heartfelt to all who attended. Thank you guys for asking me to capture your

"Once in a Lifetime" moment ;)

We have now waited long enough to take a peek at some images from their special day! So lets get on with the show lol!

Congratulations Margarita and Martin!!

I am so glad you all enjoy viewing these images! Feel free to share this blog page on your social media! Please do not copy/screenshoot/ duplicate any of these images.

Thank you for your honesty :)

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