"The Falls" Wedding and Event Venue!

August 13, 2015

Aug 12th marked a HUGE milestone for Fresno, Ca!  'The Falls Event Venue had their grand opening!!  Many people came out to see what all the comotion was about for the past several months of construction.  "The Falls' is a new way to "Venue" ;)  Whatever your vision is for your event, you CAN pull it off at The Falls!  You start off with a beautiful blank canvass, and add the vendors YOU want!  ANY vendor, and yes that includes Mom's cooking, or cousin Dave the DJ!! ;)  I can't express how amazing this place is- and will be for YOUR event!


Lets thank this couple for their vision and dedicsation to "The Falls!!


At the Grand Opening, members from both Fresno Commerce and Clovis Commerce came out for the official Grand Ribbon Cutting ceremonies!!!  


Among the special guests, there were Greg and Dre, from Q97, 

and Kopi from Great Day!!

 When you enter the buildings, they both have these matchiing gorgeous chandaliers catching the sun, producing small but radiant rainbows!

 The vendors put on one heck of a Grand opening!  And they will be mentioned throughout for your reference! Please enjoy these few images that I enjoyed capturing!!  I can tell you how gorgeous this venue is, but seriously... you HAVE to check it out for yourselves!!  I can't wait to photograph a Wedding/Event here!!  Who's first, lol??

Even Assemblyman Jim Patterson made it out!!

























 Good Times Ent.

 Genesis- Event Planner- "Master of Events"




 Sandra- "Covered with Elegance"



 "Frosted Cakery"




 "The Painted Table"

 Game room




 Expo party Rentals


 Conference Room

 Ladies Bathroom

 Expo Party Rental



 Bridal rooms








 Game room

 Expo Party Rental


 Love and Garlic

 The Painted Table











 Sandra from "Covered with Elegance" (in the red) ;)




 So imagine yourself sitting here as your guests come up to greet you!!  I am so excited that "The Falls" has come to Fresno!  And even MORE excited that there will be another one coming to Clovis by 2017!!

Welcome "The Falls"!!