Courtney and Rick

"We met where I (Rick) work. I interviewed Courtney during her second interview and fell in love with her the moment I saw her. I was so nervous/anxious/excited that I was holding her resume upside down, which she matter-of-factly pointed out. From the moment I left the interview, I knew I was in love. I was dying to talk to her to get to know was such an incredible/intense feeling.

The rest as they say is history."

"...I love everything about Courtney. She is beautiful, loving, kind, caring, smart as a whip, fun, funny, easy to talk to and I love how she loves and takes care of me."

- Rick

"...I love the way he makes me laugh, the way he tries to hide his smile when he’s up to no good which only makes him smile bigger, the way he gets embarrassed about his messy morning hair when really it's the cutest, the way he cooks migas for us on Saturday mornings, the way he hugs me tight letting me know he'll always be there for me..."

- Courtney

"I bought the engagement ring and a few days later I met her father for dinner to ask for her hand. He said yes. I had told her that morning that I had a dinner "meeting" and would not tell her where or with whom. She ended up going out with her two best friends (bridesmaids) for dinner too; she was being a brat! :-) After dinner, I went home and hid the ring in about twenty different places...I was going nuts! I had no idea how or when I was going to propose to her. I finally got into bed with the ring in hand. By the time she "finally" got home, I was ready to explode! As she was coming into the bedroom, I slid off the bed and hid. After a bit, she slid across the bed and was saying, "who is this hiding over here?" At that point I got up on my knees and asked if she would marry me...she said YES! :-)"

- Rick

"I'm just excited that I am going to be her husband and she is going to be my wife."

- Rick

<3 Courtney and Ricks Engagement Slideshow <3

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